2007 Mission Investment

The portion of the Mission Investment funds received by the North American Division each year is divided between two unions on a rotating basis. The following projects were recommended by the Atlantic and Southwestern unions and have been approved by the North American Division.

Atlantic Union Project
"Operation Tell Bermuda” is a Seventh-day Adventist television that has been in operation since March of 2005. They have been operating in temporary quarters and with basic equipment. Their plan is to remodel a portion of the lower level of the Hamilton church for a new control room and transmission and automation room. They also plan to upgrade their production equipment and produce new local programming in addition to other programs that are available from satellite. This Adventist Television ministry has the potential to reach all of the homes in Bermuda.

Southwestern Union
The Texico Conference project in Santa Fe is unique in several ways. First, it is a new church plant in an affluent section of Santa Fe. Due to zoning and land planning restrictions, property must be set aside for churches, schools, etc. when new subdivisions are designed and built. As a result of these demands by the planning board, 4½ choice acres valued at $800,000 were given to the church free of charge if a church is constructed on the property.


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