2006 Mission Investment Projects

The portion of the Mission Investment funds received by the North American Division each year is divided between two unions on a rotating basis. The following projects were recommended by the respective unions and have been approved by the North American Division.

Canadian Union Projects

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
The old wooden Charlottetown church was built 60 years ago in a residential neighborhood. The congregation has a great desire to have a better witness on the island and to expand the existing basement school. This little church, the only Adventist church in the province, needs to be replaced with a larger and more representative facility. It would cost members $100.00 in tolls and ferry tickets and two hours of driving to go to another church. This relocation/Building project will help keep the light on in Prince Edward Island.

Gander, Newfoundland
The Newfoundland Mission is planning an outreach program with the hope of planting a church in Gander. Presently Gander, the largest city in Newfoundland, has no Adventist presence. It is located on highway #1 – the Trans-Canada Highway and has an international airport that welcomed thousands of U.S. travelers who were forced to land there on 9/11/01. Newfoundland and Labrador is the last mission outpost in North America.

Southern Union Projects

Ex-Offender Program – Carolina Conference
The project, located in Charlotte, NC, is being operated by Lay Professionals in cooperation with the leaders of the Carolina Conference. It is an attempt to work with those in prison and those being released from prison, as Jesus asked us to. This ministry to ex-offenders is designed to do job training, assistance with transitioning to permanent housing, and lifestyle changes to help those being released from prison to be reintegrated into society and away from repeat practices.

Dark County Church Planting Project – South Atlantic Conference
Members of the Adventist church in Raleigh, NC are working toward establishing a church in previously unentered Franklin County. They have already purchased 5 acres of land and are planning to build a church on this property.