2005 Mission Investment Projects

The portion of the Mission Investment funds received by the North American Division each year is divided between two unions on a rotating basis. For 2005, projects in the Columbia Union and Lake Union are the recipients. The following projects were recommended by the respective unions and have been approved by the North American Division.

Columbia Union

Pittsburg Metro Initiative
The Columbia Union, Pennsylvania and Allegheny West Conferences and 13 Pittsburgh metro area churches have joined together in support of an ongoing evangelism, Adventist awareness, and community action plan for the Pittsburg, PA metro area. Pittsburg has the lowest Adventist density (1/1263) of any major city in the United States. This area ranks as a true mission field by the application of normal standards. This major initiative has two areas of emphasis. The first is to train and equip lay pastors and Bible workers for each congregation who will focus on planting cell groups in unentered communities. The second is to involve the young people from the existing local churches to organize Family Recreation Clubs that will provide recreation, health, family life, and personal growth programs for the local communities.

Lake Union

Spirit 2 Serve
The Illinois Conference is starting a project to establish a community outreach in the North Chicago area. The area has not had a significant Adventist presence for some time and many new immigrants have basic needs that could be met. They want to establish a model community center to provide basic services to those living in the area. The center would also provide opportunities for member participation for those who are willing to be active in Christian service. The project which has had over 600 hours of planning would operate under the auspices of the Adventist Community Services – Illinois director and Conference leadership.

Secular Campus Ministries – University of Michigan
In 2003 the Michigan Conference began an Adventist Ministry outreach on the main campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The Secular Campus ministry seeks to acquaint all students with the Adventist message and to minister to Adventist students on the campuses as well. At the Ann Arbor campus, a campus church is already established, students are being baptized and ten campus missionaries are now working on stipend. The Michigan campus wants to expand its program to the Central Michigan campus and the Western Michigan campus. A strong organization is already in place with a paid director, program director, and support staff. The funds for the expanded program will provide stipends for student missionaries on the new campus endeavors.