2004 Mission Investment Projects

The portion of the Mission Investment funds received by the North American Division each year is divided between two unions on a rotating basis. For 2004, projects in the Mid-America Union and Atlantic Union are the recipients. The following projects were recommended by the respective unions and have been approved by the North American Division.

Mid-America Union

Project St. Louis – A church planting initiative by the Central States Conference
The Central States Conference is proposing to establish a church in downtown St. Louis, MO. St. Louis is the largest metro area in the Mid-America Union. Currently, there is no church near the downtown area. The conference has accepted the challenge of planting a church in the downtown area of this large city and has devised plans that will involve laymen with DVD evangelism and a major crusade by Walter Pearson. This major evangelistic project has the support of the conference, the local pastors, and the Mid-America Union. Their plan is to have an established church of 100 members by the time of the 2005 General Conference session in St. Louis.

Kansas City Chapel Oaks Church Establishment Project
The Chapel Oaks Church in Kansas City has purchased a school building property in a fast growing section of the metro area and is planning to build a new church that will become the center for evangelistic outreach to the previously un-entered area. They also have plans to activate lay members to plant another church in the city as well. While the new church is being built, they are laying plans for a major evangelist outreach that includes a public meeting with evangelist Kenneth Cox. This project will be supported by the Kansas-Nebraska Conference in its plans for metro evangelism.

North Pacific Union

Yakama Indian Reservation Initiative, White Swan, WA : Upper Columbia Conference
This project supported by the Upper Columbia Conference and the North Pacific Union is to establish an Adventist presence on the Yakama Indian Reservation which lies south and west of Yakima, Washington. The Yakama Indian Nation has about 10,000 enrolled members. The goal of this project is to establish a new Evangelism Training Center in the very heart of the Yakama Nation. This project is a continuation of work that has been conducted on the edge of this large reservation. Many outreach projects are planned including helping people to overcome drug and alcohol dependency. The tribal leaders are open to the work of the church at this time and the move to the center of the reservation would allow many more Native American people to be served.

Ft. Peck Indian Reservation Project, Poplar, Montana: Montana Conference
The large Ft. Peck Indian Reservation in eastern Montana is home for two Native American tribes: the Assiniboine and the Nakoda Sioux. Currently, there are no Christian schools of any denomination on the entire reservation. The Montana Conference has already established a company of 12 members there. They want to establish a church and school on the reservation. Alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant on the reservation and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and similar conditions plague between 70 and 90% of the children. Project leaders hope to break this destructive cycle by focusing on helping the children. They can buy property on the reservation and purchase a modular school building that can be used for school, community education and worship services.