2002 Mission Investment Projects

The portion of the Mission Investment funds received by the North American Division each year is divided between two unions on a rotating basis. For 2002, projects in the Canadian Union and the Southwestern Union are the recipients. The following projects were recommended by the respective unions and have been approved by the North American Division.

Canadian Union Project

Mamawi Atoketan Native School Building
The Mamawi Atosketan Native School is the only all-native Adventist school in Canada. It is also the only Christian school of any kind on the Hobbema Reserve. This reserve is the home of four native bands. The school is operating in a rented facility that is soon to be sold to others. The rented facility is over an hour’s drive one way by bus for students. The current school of 65 students has a 12-year track record. The Alberta Conference is strongly behind the project which will include eight classrooms, a gymnasium, library, computer lab, multipurpose room, staff room, and an office. The facility will be used not only for school purposes but also evenings and weekends for community outreach programs. The name Mamawi Atosketan means “working together” in the native language. Maranatha International has agreed to coordinate the construction.

Southwestern Union Project

Native American Center, Gallup, New Mexico
The Southwestern Union officers and and Excutive Committee have requested approval for the expansion of the Native American Center in Gallup, New Mexico. Several years ago when this project was in its infancy, it was approved for Investment funding. Only 20 people were in attendance when the original facility was built. As a result of evangelistic endeavors in 1999, 83 new members were added. Average attendance is now more than 70 each Sabbath. The original building is now far too samll to accommodate the members. The Gallup area has the largest concentration of Native American in the United States. The Texico Conference and the Southwestern Union are planning another series of evangelistic meetings in Gallup. Investment funds will be used to help construct a larger worship and outreach facility and to help fund sharing the gospel of Jesus in the community.