2001 Mission Investment Projects

The portion of the Mission Investment funds received by the North American Division each year is divided between two unions on a rotating basis. For 2001, projects in the Columbia Union and the Southern Union are the recipients. The following projects were recommended by the respective unions and have been approved by the North American Division.

Canadian Union Project

Mountain View Conference ADRA Affiliate Agency
The Mountain View Conference plans to establish an ADRA Affiliate agency in the State of West Virginia. This agency would address the poverty and other needs of Appalachia. West Virginia is at the heart of the Appalachian region and has been described by professional sociologists as “the third world of America.” The present ADRA Affiliate in Summerville, WV has attracted state-wide attention and commendation. Church leaders and lay members feel that this project has great potential for Christian service and contact with the community.

The Philadelphia Metro Initiative
In a bold new initiative the three Conferences of Allegheny East, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have joined together in a project to reach the great metro area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This major plan will be the pilot in the Columbia Union to reach all the cities of their Union. The purpose of the Philadelphia Metro Initiative project is to create a new vision among currnet churches to reach the unreached people groups of the area and to fully mobilize their resources to plant new churches and develop new outreach ministries. This project accepts the inspired challenge to work in the cities.

Southern Union Projects

Native American Ministries Initiative
The Native American Ministries Initiative is a major move by the Southern Union to develop a coordinated work among the 51 different American Indian tribes in their territory. Some of the tribes have more than 40,000 members. With many chronic health problems among this group, the initiative will begin with a health screening and education program. Already tribal chiefs and other leaders are expressing interest in the program. This is an opportunity to serve a long-neglected segment of our society.

Florida Conference Master Church Planting Plan
The Florida Conference has developed a master plan for church planting across the state that will provide churches in needed areas of the Conference. Twenty-three sites have been identified for special church planting efforts. The 23 site areas have regional directors that have been appointed who will work with the conference in planning work in each area. This initial focus will be on baptizing new members in each of the designated areas. This systematic approach to church planting could become a model for work in other conferences.